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Welcome! My name is Kristine and I'm so glad you are here!  As you looked through my website, I'm sure you noticed that all my photos are full of color. I love LOVE color! Someone once told me, "I want to be able to remember the color of the dress I wore, the rosy cheeks on my child's face, the color of the flowers and grass..." Remembering your family photo session/wedding just the way it was, is exactly my goal.

My favorite time to photograph is hands down sunset hour - just when that sunshine peeks out and creates dreamy, golden light. My sessions are filled with laughter, love and so much fun! You know you had a successful photo session, when the kiddos don't want to leave or when they ask you 'when are we taking photos again?!" Yes, yes, yes a million times over. My goal is that your kiddo's don't even realize that this is a 'photo-session', I want them to just be them and have fun!

When I'm not busy with photography, I soak in every single moment with my family! In 2013, I married my best friend and supporter, Mike, who originally started the business! We started off photographing together, but as time progressed, Mike found his passion for Real Estate photography (We/Capture) and is totally rocking it! Shortly after we were married we were blessed to find out that we were pregnant with twins! A dream that both my husband and I had since we were younger - crazy, ha?! Our girls bring us SO much joy, and honestly life wouldn't be complete without them. We enjoy evening walks and eating Thai food anywhere we can find! As individuals and as a family, we are followers of Christ, and believe in one man and one woman marriage. 

Now let's talk weddings! I want you to know that by placing your trusting Wild Grass Photography, you will receive the best possible experience. I am fun, energetic, cheesy with my jokes and super quick to direct during photos. I not only capture the posed shots that you'll want to show your kids one day, but I also capture the real moments - all the moments in between that show who you really are! Photography is not only a form of art, but it’s also story-telling. Why hire us? With every image we take, we strive to capture the love, laughter, smiles, tears and simply tell a story. We capture moments that you will look back on and relive the moment all over again. It is truly special how magical and how treasurable photographs can be, and it is our job to make that magic happen.

I can assure you that into every single photograph, I input 100% of my effort, time and thought in making sure  you get the best photography experience. Let's grab some coffee and chat more in person! 

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When we decided to get married, we were just going to elope. We’ve known each other since toddlers and just wanted the day to be about the two of us. However, we really wanted pictures of us with our family. We decided to just have my mom and our kids as guests and get married on the deck at our house. We researched and viewed many photographers and the quality of their pictures before contacting Kristine. We liked her immediately. She greeted us with a big smile and was so friendly and professional. She went through everything with us and made sure any questions we had were answered. She showed up early and looked around to get insight on the best angles and shots for her to take. We are not creative and only had a few requests of pictures we wanted taken. We told Kristine she could take the lead and we’d follow. It’s one thing to really like the person taking the pictures, but we wouldn’t get to see them until we were back from our honeymoon. Wow! She totally exceeded our expectations and the pictures were so beautiful. All we wanted was to have our special day memorialized with beautiful pictures and she did exactly that. Not only were we so happy with her professionalism and demeanor, we found out before her time was up, that she just received a call with a personal tragedy before she was to arrive at our house. She still showed up, never seemed rush, and always had a smile on her face. She is truly amazing. Thank you, so much Kristine for giving us memories and pictures that will always make us proud. If we ever need a photographer or if anyone we know needs one, Kristine will be the one called. Thank you so much, Mike and Deanna

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