Meet Andrew and Sarah! They were both only 16 years old, working on a berry farm during the summer time. Noticing the sweet possibility between the two, their boss did all he could to set them up. Somewhere along the way, friendship grew into like, and like grew into love. At the end of their second summer together, Andrew signed up for the Air Force, and left for basic training in the middle of Sarah’s senior year of high school. Yes, they were high school sweethearts.

They wrote love letters every day for two whole months. When Andrew graduated basic training, the topic of “marriage” became something they both enjoyed to talk about and looked forward to one day. After months of discussing, Sarah’s parents knew they wanted to get married, but didn’t want them engaged until Sarah tried a year of college. It so happened during this time, Andrew had a 15 month deployment in Turkey he had to finish. Before Andrew left for Turkey, he asked Sarah’s father if he could marry his daughter. Sarah’s father smiled, patted Andrew on the should and said yes.

For the next 10 months, Sarah patiently waited. Well, somewhat patiently waited, for Andrew to come home so he could ask her one very important question. Days felt like months, and months felt like years. Last May, when Andrew came home, Sarah along with her parents, picked up Andrew from the airport from where they went to a special place. A place where Sarah’s father once proposed to Sarah’s mom. They walked hand in hand along the beach, listening to the sound of the waves quietly crash ashore. It was the perfect moment, and Andrew got down on one knew and asked Sarah to be his bride. Sarah couldn’t be happier! She smiled and happily said, “yes!”

On December 31, 2015, together they promised to weather anything life thrusted their way and asked their closest family and friends to witness their ceremony and vow to support their promises to each other. Andrew and Sarah married in Bellingham, WA surrounded by stunning views of the water and nature. God looked down onto earth that day, and blessed them with so much sunshine - the day felt even more magical knowing God was in the midst of it all.

Andrew and Sarah, you are magical. There are no other ways around it. Your love is like the moon, keeping those around you happily in your orbit. You are magnetic and make people around you want to get even closer. Thank you for the honor of documenting your first days as husband and wife. Wishing you many years of blessings, happiness and joy only in the Lord.

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