It's has been a complete challenge for me these past two months scheduling sessions. I've had to cancel and reschedule so many sessions hoping for better weather. It's defiantly been different! The past couple years, I've photographed in the apple orchard with all it's beautiful blossoms in the month of March. This year, chatting a bit with Bellwood Acres, it won't be blooming until later in April! I'm so desperate for sun, warmer days and being able to photograph all my wonderful clients outdoors. I know Spring is coming, just don't know when yet!

I've been wanting to do a quick creative session in a nursery for a bit now. For a couple reasons! A, I've missed photographing so much and needed to whip out my camera for a bit! B, the garden nursery is so so beautiful with all it's luscious greens! My Garden was the nursery I had chosen, and so happy that I did. Not only the nursery is an absolute dream, but the staff is incredibly polite and helpful! Thank you My Garden!

Choosing a model for a creative shoot isn't always so easy. You want to make sure the model feels comfortable in front of the camera, which makes a world of a difference in the finished result. You also want to make sure you connect and 'click' with the model so you both are on the same page, this helps you achieve your 'idea' or goal in mind. Ashley, was all that and more. Beautiful, fun and all natural when it came to posing and just simply being herself. Ashley, thank you so much!

Model: Ashely Nicole Henderson

Venue: My Garden

Photographer: Wild Grass Photography

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