Let's take you back to where it all started. Where a simple 'hello' turned into something beautiful. Blayde and Rebecca met through a mutual friend, during Rebecca's sophomore year of college. Rebecca had just returned from a studying in China and little did she know, Blayde was shortly leaving to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. It didn't take much and it wasn't long after when they both realized they were falling in love. As life went on, both reluctantly parted ways to follow through with their dreams. As Blayde hiked the Sierras, Rebecca studied and returned to China, each writing letters and calling whenever communication was available. It was a difficult year for the both of them. Blayde and Rebecca anguished over separation many months while they each explored the world on opposite ends. "It was a wonderful year, because we experienced adventure and success fulfilling the big dreams we made before we met. But it was even more wonderful because, we found true love and someone worth holding on to," shared Rebecca.

Blayde wanted their proposal to not only be special but also documented by camera. His sister set up a photo shoot at a park, and Rebecca only thought to herself 'what a fun date!' After several months planning this surprise, the moment came to be. They were wrapping up the photo shoot when suddenly Blayde's family and Rebecca's closest friend came around the corner. "I then instantly knew something was up!", said Rebecca. Feeling mixed emotions, Rebecca briefly had to pretend it was some what normal for these "out-of-towners" to randomly come by, all at the same time. Just a bit later, Rebecca's brother, his wife, and her dad came around. It was more happy and anxious tears from there. Surprises just kept pouring in, just as Rebecca thought this was it, suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder and there was her mom. Rebecca couldn't hold back her tears, tears of only pure happiness. "Seeing my mom was the best surprise I never saw coming," said Rebecca. As soon as she thought it couldn't get any better, hand in hand Blayde lead Rebecca away, knelt down on one knee, opened a small box, and asked one very important question. Without hesitation, Rebecca said yes. Rebecca's family all live hundreds of miles away from one another, so having both families present to witness such a beautiful moment, made the day more special than both ever dreamed it could've been.

The day was marked on their calendars for months and August 6, 2016 couldn't have came any sooner. On a beautiful and sunny day, friends and family all gathered at Woodstock Farm to celebrate two very special people becoming one. There was much laughter, smiles and tears of joy, all in one magical day. The moment Blayde saw his bride walking down the isle, he couldn't hold back his tears. The couple said their 'I do's' under the clear blue sky, sealing their commitment with a kiss.

Blayde and Rebecca, thank you so so much for having my husband and I document your beautiful love story. You two are such an inspiration and such a beautiful example of true love. Wishing you both much laughter, joy and most importantly, love. Blessings!

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