Bryce and Elizabeth first met in Middle School, when Elizabeth was in 7th grade and Bryce was in 8th grade. "He lived down the street from me and we rode the same bus home. I thought he was the cutest boy ever (little blonde mullet and all), but he didn't know I existed," shared Elizabeth. A few years later, the two went to the same high school and both ended up in Alaska after they graduated. They talked briefly while in Alaska, which fizzled out into nothing. Some years went by, and they met again through mutual friends when Elizabeth moved back to WA after college - which so happened, Bryce happened to be home from work. Bryce would work in Alaska for four months at a time and then come home for one month. Just a coincidence you think? I don't think so, God had it all planned out for these two. Bryce asked Elizabeth out on their first date and the rest? Well, it only got sweeter. 

For their first date, Bryce showed up to pick up Elizabeth from her house with a hot cup of coffee and took off to Seattle for an adventure! They walked around downtown, explored Pike Place Market and then got some sushi. "We didn't want to go home yet, so we rode the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and went to dinner and a movie. We ended up spending 15 hours together on our first date, and it still didn't feel like enough!" shared Elizabeth.

On their first anniversary, Bryce and Elizabeth had just moved to the Skagit Valley. Being the adventurous soul he is, and despite the down pour rain, Bryce took Elizabeth to Whidbey Island to explore some trails and do some light hiking. After walking a bit, they found a little spot where they stopped and took cover from the rain and just sat to enjoy the view. Fast forward a couple years, and Bryce suggested one afternoon that they go out and enjoy the sunshine. He took Elizabeth to that same spot and they stopped at the same clearing along the trail. Before Elizabeth knew it, Bryce was asking her to marry him! After a million YESES and through the happiest tears of Elizabeth's life, he pulled out her favorite wine and some plastic glasses from his backpack and they sat and celebrated!

On October 21, it was a gloomy, dark and rainy day when friends and family from near and far, drove to Bellingham, WA to witness two people become one. They married at Broadway Hall surrounded by those who mean most to them. It was a special, intimate and absolutely romantic. All the guests enjoyed warm soup, bread and salads on that rainy, cold evening - and let me say, it was so cozy! After much laughter and dancing, Bryce and Elizabeth took off on their grand honeymoon adventure. Which Bryce had planned and kept in surprise all along. Any guesses where they went? Ireland. You guys, IRELAND. The most beautiful and romantic island, and Elizabeth with her gorgeous red hair blended in so perfectly.     

Bryce and Elizabeth, THANK YOU so, so much for trusting me to capture this special time in your lives. I loved every moment of it, even getting soaked under the rain! Your wedding will be one I'll never forget, and will always love. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, genuine smiles, laughter and of course, love. Never ever stop loving one another, you two are ment to be. Blessings to you both and your life together now as one!               

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