This years Christmas Mini Sessions were a complete blast, and everything I hoped for them to turn out to be. We got no rain this year, which has been a HUGE challenge in the past few years! I remember a couples years back we rescheduled so many times that we ended up not even doing them because of how bad it rained all of November. But this year, though we didn't get any sunshine we got some SNOW - and that was SO fun! In some of the photos you can even see the snow coming down, how awesome is that. 

I want to say a huge BIG thank you to Smalls Northwest Evergreens for being so so kind, and for letting us use their amazing tree farm! Be sure to check out Smalls Northwest Evergreens this year and get your tree from them! 

Thank you to everyone who came out for some mini sessions! Now...I can't wait to see those Christmas cards, send one to me please?! :)

Bench Rental: Wander Event Rental

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