It seemed like any other day. The warm breeze outside, the palm trees slowly swaying, the golfers busy playing on the grass and of course, people enjoying their spirit Aloha dining. Corey and Alona met at work, the Pineapple Grill in Maui. "I thought he was cute and funny. I also thought I was too young for him. I was 18 and he was 23," shared Alona. Little did she know, Corey was falling in love with Alona's beautiful smile. Somewhere in between the sweet "hello's" Corey took Alona to one of his favorite surf spots. It was a full moon that night and they talked and listened to a whole Beatles album until Corey's truck died. "I ended up having to help him push start his truck," Alona shared with a smile. They both knew then that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together...forever.

He proposed at home. It was a few days after Thanksgiving and Corey and Alona started to talk about their future and what they wanted. With mutual feelings, Corey knew what he needed to do! And just a week later, Corey came home from work and silently gave Alona a warm hug, when he suddenly left the room. It wasn't long after he hurried back with a six pack, and hugged Alona three more times. With his heart pounding as fast as what feels like a race horse on the track, Corey goes in and out of the room, when he finally takes a deep breath gets down on one knee and says, “before we have a talk about our future will you marry me?” "I thought it was a joke and asked if it was just an early Christmas present!" laughed Alona. Without hesitation Alona said the biggest YES of her life!

On March 3, 2018, on an overcast beautiful warm day on Maui, Alona peeked out her bridal suite as she watched friends and family arrive at the Steeple House. She just couldn't contain her smile and was just over the moon anxious to marry the man she loves whole heartily. After a few finishing touches of her makeup and hair, Alona's mother helped button up her dress. With the music playing right outside the bridal suite, this moment has never felt more surreal. Alona's father walked Alona down to her forever after, Corey, who just couldn't stop smiling! After a happy "I do" the couple along with their friends and family enjoyed an evening of laughter, games, dancing and delicious food. To say the least, March 3rd of 2018 was a complete fairy tale. 

Corey and Alona, thank you SO much for choosing me to document your first day as husband and wife. I cannot even put into words how much I enjoyed documenting this dreamy and special day of yours! I wish you both SO much love, happiness, genuine laughter and many years of just being who you are with your best friend alongside with you. Many, many blessings! XOXO, Kristine.


Officiant:  Joseph Narrowe

Venue: The Steeple House

Photographer: Wild Grass Photography  

DJ: All Access Entertainment, DJ Mike

Catering/Bar: Kimo Akamai Catering

Rentals:  Paradise Event Rentals

Hair/Makeup: Vanessa, one of the bridesmaids

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