"There's a lot of crazy things to consider with our story. Had it happened only a decade earlier, the technology wouldn't have even existed," said Courtney. David and Courtney met online, without even searching for each other. Out of the billions of people on the planet, they just so happened to find one another. David and Courtney were only 12 and 13 and a lot was changing in their lives and a lot has changed since. It started out as a long distance online friendship, David lived in Australia and Courtney lived in the USA. But from the very beginning, they knew they couldn't be apart, their friendship grew very close. Daily talks soon became part of their  routine, despite the time difference of 14 hours, somehow they made it work. They sent letters to one another and stayed up all night talking. Later down the road in 2012, they made a decision that they would meet each other in person in June of 2013.

David and Courtney's meeting point was LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) on the 24th of June, which is also the date that they officially started their relationship. David and Courtney's first date couldn't have been any more perfect. They spent their first date touring the grand canyon during sunset hour - so dreamy! After what seemed the most perfect evening, David and Courtney spent every chance they could seeing each other, often waiting 7 months between visits.

On their secondary anniversary, David and Courtney went to the beach to watch the sunset. While they were exchanging small gifts, David began reading a sweet poem that he'd prepared for Courtney, and the last line he read was, "There's something I must know, I think we're meant to be, so Courtney Machado...Will you marry me?" Courtney without hesitation said YES and was SO excited to tell everyone, that she begged David to drive 3 hours back from where they were, so they could some wifi and share the incredible news!

On July 24, 2016, David and Courtney said their I Do's at a beautiful setting in Seattle, Lake Union Cafe. Close family and friends flew in from Australia and many others drove long distances to witness a very special moment. Tears of happiness filled Courtney's eyes as she walked down the isle to her soon ever after. It was a very beautiful and magical day filled with love and happiness!

David and Courtney, thank you SO much for having me document your love story, and your first day as husband and wife. I pray that your marriage grows with much love and joy in one another, blessings to you both! 

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