Bernice carefully arranged her white dress amongst her bridal details, wearing her white silky robe. She nervously paced around her room and wondered how Derrick would react upon seeing her. From the moment they met, they waited five years for this moment to arrive and she wanted their moment to be everything they dreamt. This sweet love story all began just a few short years ago. Bernice worked at her parent’s restaurant, the New Peking, once a week on Wednesdays and Derrick came in for a take-out order one night. The moment he saw Bernice, he was certain it was love at first sight. Derrick couldn't wait to get to know this stunning young lady! He asked her what her favorite dish was, and surely enough he ordered it. Not to make it too obvious, he made small talk said his goodbye and left for that evening.

Derrick came back the following week and every week after that for eight weeks straight before he asked Bernice out. As much as Derrick wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie, he was hoping she would say yes. On November 20, 2010, it was a very cold snowy day, and Bernice called Derrick to see if they should cancel their date – he was very adamant that they must go on the date. Though Bernice lived on a steep hill, he assured her that his four by four could get across. Their first date went so well, that they didn't want to part ways! It was a beautiful and memorable evening with many smiles, laughs and they both couldn't wait to see each-other again. Derrick & Bernice were together for four years before he asked her to marry him."The proposal was very sweet. He made me dinner after work and asked me in my apartment, "Are you ready to be Mrs. Troy?", said Bernice.

On July 2, 2016 at Shuksan Golf Club, friends and family gathered to celebrate this joyous moment. "It is the most perfect day to get married," said a wedding guest. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day! The music began and Bernice's father gently took his daughters hand to walk her down the isle. As guests rose on their feet, all eyes were on Bernice. Her beautiful smile lit up the entire ceremony, and Derrick couldn't believe she was all his. "This is it, I get to marry the love of my life," thought Derrick with a joyous smile on his face.

Derrick & Bernice, thank you for allowing me the honor of being your wedding photographer…and new friend. Your kind words made me feel like the luckiest photographer and I couldn’t be more proud to have documented your first day as husband and wife!

Many thanks to the amazing creative team who brought the wedding to life…

Venue: Shuksan Golf Club

Rentals: Lavish Chairs

Photography: Wild Grass Photography

Photo Booth: Oh Snap Photo Booth

Wedding Cake: Pure Bliss

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