"For I know the plans I have for you" - Jeremiah 29:11. God works in beautiful and mysterious ways of bringing two people together. Sometimes our lives are changed in ways to relocate us to the place we're ment to be. Drew & Julia met in the Philippines on a missionary trip. Their mutual passion to serve others and hunger to share the gospel, drew their hearts close to one another. Their first date was in Manila, Philippines on April 20, 2016. Dinner, a walk 'searching' for a local mini golf course, coffee and simply getting to know one another, made that one special evening that much more memorable. Friendship grew into like, and like grew into love.

On June 10, 2017, Drew and Julia said their I Do's at a beautiful setting in Bellingham, WA. Close family and friends and many others drove long distances to witness a very special moment. Tears of happiness filled Julia's eyes as she walked down the isle to her soon ever after. It was a very beautiful day filled with much love and happiness!

Drew and Julia, you are magical. There are no other ways around it. Your love is like the moon, keeping those around you happily in your orbit. You are magnetic and make people around you want to get even closer. Thank you for the honor of documenting your first days as husband and wife. Wishing you many years of blessings, happiness and joy only in the Lord!

Venue: Spring Creek Bible Church

Makeup Artist: Jade Madison Artistry

Bridal Dress: Handmade in Philippines

Videographer: Like the River Films

Hair Salon: MayDay Salon - Natalya Zozulya

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