Meet the Dunn family! I'm gonna start off by saying that I love 'all boy' sessions! Boys are so hilarious, full of energy and say the silliest things! For those of you who don't know, I naturally have super curly hair. I straighten it often just cause it's easier for me to handle all my hair :)) For this session, I so happened to have not straightened my hair and the very first question I got from one of the boys was "why does your hair look like you just went swimming?" I almost died laughing! haha! This made me laugh 'cause I've been asked a very similar question before from another little boy, asking "why does your hair look like macaroni's?" You guys, these questions make my day! So funny and so honest - love it! 

We spent a lovely evening at Semiahmoo Bay, chasing the sunshine and playing in the tall grassy field. It was a very relaxed and what I like to call a very 'real' in the moment session - exactly the ones I hope for! Thank you Dunn family, once again, for trusting me in capturing these precious moments! You guys are so much fun, always smiling and always positive. Wishing your family many blessings from above!

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