Meet Ezekiel! This adorable bundle of sweetness didn't think this 'photo-session' was all that fun. Little guy just wanted to cuddle and eat mamas milk - newborn modeling is just so hard! All that laying around being swaddled with a giant camera up in your face, ugh, so tiring. Phew! It's a lot of work is what Ezekiel was thinking!

I am so honored that Ezekiel's family asked me to photograph their newest bundle of joy! Ezekiel's older brother came along too,  and boy, did we have fun! We colored, played with Thomas the train, watched 'CARS' and played Lego's, all while baby brother was getting his cuddles. Gotta say it was a super fun morning! It was super relaxed and no one was in a rush - that's my favorite part about newborn sessions, other than cuddling with all the adorable babies!

There were a couple of really special quilts that the boy's mama brought along. These quilts were made by their grandmother. Can I just stop and say "WOW" - these quilts are seriously stunning! And the colors are to die for. What a special gift these boys will!

Thank you Eastman family for trusting me with this wonderful opportunity! I hope these photos will bring you happiness for years to come and something you can always look back on and remember how incredibly God has blessed you - TWO PERFECT SONS! Blessings!

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