Meet the Farrington family! I had the privilege to travel to my favorite island Maui to document a wedding earlier in March, and during our stay, this ADORABLE family reached out to me to take their family photos! I take a lot of family photos throughout the year, and nothing will beat a session on the beach in Maui. The warmth in the photos gets me every time. If you haven't yet figured it out, I love LOVE color. I know there's a 'trend' that most photographers are diluting colors to create a very neutral almost no color tone. In all respect to those photographers who love that style, I don't. Color will never go out of style, besides God made the world so beautiful in color and I don't want to hide that beauty! The tan sand, the green grass and the blue's all too beautiful to dilute!

It was windy majority of the time on the island, and we didn't get that usual golden sunset - but that's okay, it didn't stop us from planning this 'sunset' session. I stood behind my camera capturing the Farrington family play on the beach and love on their most perfect baby girl. Capturing real moments is what I look for, and this session could not have been anymore wonderful. I love when I don't have to squeeze a smile out of anyone, when everyone is genuine and enjoying their time - this sweet family was all that and so much more!

Thank you Farrington family for trusting me in documenting this moment in your lives. I had so much spending this evening with you! Wishing your sweet family many, many blessings!

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