Meet the Felix family! Let me just start off by saying, how I loved the fact that this family wore matching outfits! The fall colors looked so lovely with the colors they picked out, perfect! November has been an extremely busy month for us. I think most families realized that Christmas was just a few short weeks away, and everyone wanted their family photos taken. I was honored that so many families reached out to me, and it was a blessing getting to meet so many different people.

Word of mouth is the best "advertisement". I want to say thank you to the families who pass on the good word about Wild Grass Photography! The Felix family was referred to me by a previous family I photographed. I was SO excited to capture sweet moments for them! 

These three boys were SO polite and well behaved! I didn't have to chase anyone around, though I did have to tickle them several times to get some real smiles outa them - which I love doing! Anyhow, we spent the day at Whatcom Falls, breathing in the cold crispy air and walking through the beautiful park. It was so much fun.

Thank you Felix family, for placing your trust in me in capturing your beautiful family! Blessings!

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