Meet the Ferry family! When people tell you that you can't get beautiful sunset photos in the fall time, well let me tell you their wrong. Summer sunsets are gorgeous, but so are fall sunsets. There's actually something about fall sunset sessions that I love...maybe it's the cold yet cozy feel in them? That could be it. We were so blessed to get a clear day for this session, yes it was cold, but hey it didn't rain! Thank you God.

I love when families bring their pets. The Ferry family brought their sweet brand new puppy along, and he did so good. We got him to sit, I barked to get his attention and BOOM - everyone was looking at the camera including the dog, score! Moments like these, I secretly give myself a pat on the back - haha! We spent the rest of the evening giggling, reading books and chasing the sunset - it was lovely.

Thank you Ferry family for trusting me in taking your family photos! Wishing your beautiful family many more blessings from above! Happy Fall!

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