Meet the Gasiork. family! I have had the privilege to photograph this family multiple times, and each time I'm in complete awe of how beautiful their babies are! Honestly, so so beautiful - don't you agree?! Planning family sessions gets a bit tricky at this time of year, since the little's need to be in bed by the time the sun even gets to set! I typically schedule sessions during sunset hour when the light is much softer and not so direct - since photographing in direct sunlight makes it a bit challenging. But these guys were all so amazing, they were all smiles and made photographing that evening less challenging even with the light being so bright!

I'm reminded over and over again how blessed I am to live where I live. I adore the PNW for all the beauty it has. The ocean, beaches, mountains and the unbelievable sunsets it brings us nearly daily! Larrabee State Park has all that beauty in one location, and that is exactly where we planned this session at. Though we didn't stay long enough to photograph during the sunset, I'm thrilled with how these photos turned out. 

Gasiork. family thank you SO much for trusting me once more, in capturing these precious moments of your sweet and beautiful family. I look forward to seeing you every year, and like I always tell you, your girls are beyond beautiful! How richly blessed you are. 

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