Meet the Gavrilov family! I've known this sweet family for about 8 years now, and it's been such a privilege to know them. This beautiful family recently went through something no one ever wishes to go through. Their sweet little Sophie, in a split second, was on a verge of life or death. There were probably hundreds of people praying for her life just a few short weeks ago. We asked in prayer that God would keep her safe, alive and healthy. God showed us all that HE is control, HE hears prayers and HE does miracles! Praise God for this sweet little one, she brings so much joy to people around her!

I've had this "vision" to do a fun family session on a plain open field with the dad playing the guitar for his kiddos. Nick couldn't be more perfect for this! He played that guitar and sang songs for the girls as we watched them twirl around in circles - simply being girls. We blew dandelions, ran around, giggled and just had so much fun.

Enjoy looking at these images, and I hope they bring a smile to your face, as they do to mine! Blessings!

"WOW, what should I say about Kristine? She did an excellent, wonderful job, she

was a total professional, sweet and good with kids. She is awesome.. When we got

the pictures, they were so cute and beautiful.. Everyone loved it! Love love love her

work:) I highly recommend Wildgrass Photography for any of

your professional photography." - Yelena Gavrilov

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