Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I had such a wonderful opportunity to work with a young talented model, Paris. I was in awe of her natural beauty! Honestly, one of the sweetest girls I've met, and I felt like we've known each-other for some time now. Thank you Paris for your time! 

My sister, Lana and I have opened up our own little online shop! We hand-pick items and create unique gift boxes. It’s our goal to make gifting effortless and elegant. Each gift box is carefully put together and packed by hand from our workspace. Check out our website and learn more about what we do! Website is, www.yourgiftgarden.com.

I know what your thinking, photography and now gift boxes!? haha! Once we booked enough Weddings for this year, my husband and I had to cut back and say no to several other weddings for this year. Reason being, we've been busy! We have had many family, newborn, children and engagement sessions that have kept us busy - and thank YOU for that! Other than photography, we are full-time parents to our sweet 15 month old twin babies. We want to make sure we have enough weekends available to spend time with family, and make memories. So, I had an idea for a little something to do when my babies are napping - of course after all the other million things have been done around the house! :)

I had this idea to start doing gift boxes after I spent several years work for the Muljat Group Realtors. I remember watching as agents searched for the right gift to give to their clients - it was/is so important to them that they give a personal, and well put together gift. I remember thinking to myself, I can save them the time and put together gift boxes myself! After months and months of planning, my sister Lana and I, decided to give it a shot! 

Yes, not only do I do photography but luxury gifting as well! Honestly, I love it all so  much. I love how I am busy enough, yet free enough to spend time with my family. God is so good! Remember to visit my website and check out all the fun gift boxes we have listed! Blessings!

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