Meet the Haas Family! In all the recent law enforcement violence, myself along with some fellow photographers, are offering FREE family photos to police officers and their families for a limited time. Just a small way of saying "thank you" for your service! The violence needs to stop.

I'm obsessed with sunset photos! I know when planning a session, often times parents don't want to schedule their session out so 'late' cause of their kiddos. But honestly, this is the BEST time to schedule any session, during sunset hour! I'm so happy the Haas family were so flexible and so awesome to work with. The littles were ALL smiles and giggles for me the entire time - made my job so so easy. Later that evening when I came home, I kept telling my husband, "I'll photograph this family any day! They are SO photogenic, SO polite and literally picture perfect." 

We finished the session, we said our goodbyes, and I walked back to my car. As I looked up, the sky and scenery were out of this world GORGEOUS! Mount baker and the sky were lit up, and the soft pinks and blues were so beautiful. I ran back to the beach to find the Haas family, begging them for another shot by Baker! So so happy we got it - check it out below!

Thank you Haas family for this wonderful opportunity, and of course, thank you SO much for your service! Blessings!

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