It all started in November 2007 at Washington State University. Jack was visiting Pullman for the weekend after returning from studying abroad in Australia before a new semester started. Alison walked into a mutual friend’s room and the connection was instant. His dark hair, those deep brown eyes, the hands that would make her hands look delicate and refined if he held them. Allison spotted Jack from across the room and instantly knew he was different. Allison quickly walked over and said to her friend Morgan, "Did you see that guy?! I reallyyyy liked him, he is so cute!" Little did she realize that that fated 'school' day would mark the beginning of their love story. Several months after, they then decided to officially embark on this journey of dating together. About that time was when the term "Moto" was created. To this day - Moto is used as a very special term of endearment. There is so much love around this silly nickname. Often times Jack and Allison don't call each other by their real names, but instead Moto. This may be classified as young love - but Jack and Allison believe that they have found a way to grow this young love and they look forward to continuing this growth into old love.

Allison wrote me an email and shared a little bit about their relationship, "We have been through many stages of our relationship. If there is one thing we have learned through our growth to date, it's that each stage of life shows different highs and lows in a relationship. You cannot be prepared for the challenges that will come and love isn't enough to get you through it, you have to work hard and be a team to overcome life’s difficulties." I love how Allison said "you have to work hard and be a team to overcome life's difficulties". How true is that?! What a beautiful reminder to myself.

It's so important for Jack and Allison to focus on "generosity" in their first years of marriage. "Being generous in our actions towards each other each and every day is more important than we know. We are making a conscious effort each day thinking throughout the day - what I can do to be more generous with my actions, what can I do to make his/her day better. Through our conversations we believe focusing on this will enrich our marriage and fulfill each partner with their needs," said Allison.

It was a grey, slightly windy day, but that surely didn't stop all the excitement that was happening that day. As Allison's mother helped her carefully slip into her dress, she glanced out the window getting a quick peak at her 'almost' husband. Jack anxiously waited outside for his beautiful bride, so they may walk hand in hand forever. Jack and Allison married at Semiahmoo Resort, along the shimmering Pacific Ocean. The setting next to the water made everything so peaceful. Jack and Allison surrounded themselves by their most closest family and friends, as they promised each other to continue their love forever and ever. As guests listened to them commit their vows, there probably wasn't a dry eye during that time. It was one of the most perfect wedding's I've been to yet!

Jack and Allison, you are magical. There are no other ways around it. Your love is like the moon, keeping those around you happily in your orbit. You are magnetic and make people around you want to get even closer. Thank you for the honor of documenting your first day as husband and wife. Wishing you many years of love, laughter, joy, well to sum it all up, much "Moto"!. Much Love and Appreciation... Kristine.

Many thanks to the amazing team who brought this wedding to life…

Venue: Semiahmoo Resort

Photographer: Wild Grass Photography

Florist: Rebecca's Flower Shoppe

Bridal Salon: I Do Bridal

Planner: Stacy Beich

Videography: Gathered Films

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