Meet Jake and Morgan! These two are recently engaged and planning their 2018 summer wedding! What an exciting time. I look at most engaged couples and they are 'enjoying' planning every bit of their wedding, which is so fun! Now remembering when I was engaged planning my wedding, I probably cried every day for the last three months prior to my wedding - haha! Goodness, it makes me laugh now that it's all long over. I know now what my problem was! I like to be organized and know how everything will go, and when I don't know and can't make a decision about's almost like anxiety hits. Gosh, I have to much to learn and work on. I think we often get ahead of ourselves and 'plan' a bit too much, and forget the importance of why your getting married. I tell all my brides, relax and enjoy this moment in your life because it will never repeat itself again. Seriously, enjoy!

We climbed rocks and watched the sunset at Larrabee State Park. But honestly, it was so much more than just that! Jake and Morgan are so real, SO fun and so photogenic. They were such a joy to photograph, not just because they were real in front of the camera, but also because their love between one another is so genuine that you can feel it. Now that is beautiful. Sometimes I think to myself, how do I get so lucky with the most 'awesomest' (is that even a word?!) clients ever? I'm not just saying that, I'm being so honest right now. Everyone has been so sweet, patient and kind. With that said, thank you!

Jake and Morgan, thank you for choosing me to document this beautiful stage in your life! I pray your wedding preparations go smoothly and that your married life 'as one' will be a wonderful testimony of LOVE to everyone! Wishing you both many blessings.

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