It was a slow day at work when Jenny's mother was proudly showing off pictures of her daughters to her coworkers. Jimmy, happened to be one of the coworkers. The moment he saw Jenny on that photo, he knew there was something special about this girl. Feeling super anxious to meet this beautiful young lady, Jimmy asked Jenny's mother for her daughters phone number. Admiring the guy that Jimmy is, she gladly passed on Jenny's information...what happened then you ask? It was small talk here and there until Jenny made the next big move. "I asked Jimmy to my company's holiday party and was completely surprised when he said yes. I tried for about a week to back out of it. How awkward, a first date around all my coworkers!" shared Jenny. Jimmy knew that Jenny was trying to back out, and he wouldn't budge - he was coming to that party! Later when they met up at the work party, they were inseparable. The evening consisted of lots of dancing, talking, laughing and simply getting to know one another.

Jimmy and Jenny proposed a challenge to one another, a 'rap' challenge - that's right, a rap challenge! "She wrote hers and recited, quite well I must say. I was caught off guard and my end of the bargain wasn't upheld," shared Jimmy. So a couple years after, summer 2016, in the comfort of their home, Jimmy finally decided to write his rap. "I decided to finally write my rap, unbeknownst to her there would be a marriage proposal mixed in," said Jimmy. As he rapped his rhymes and got towards the end of the song, Jenny then knew what was happening and the years started to flow - that is, tears of joy of course! Jimmy asked Jenny to be his wife, and joyfully she said yes!

They wanted something small and something special. An intimate wedding ceremony at Seattle Municipal Courthouse was exactly what they wanted. On July 7, 2017, with views of Seattle in the background and surrounded by their closest family and friends, Jimmy and Jenny said their 'I do's'. It was so peaceful, beautiful and surely enough intimate. 

Jimmy and Jenny, thank you so so much for having me document the start of your beautiful love story, now as one. I love how your love is so real, giving and caring. My hope is for you to continue loving one another with a big open heart and continuing to serve one another selflessly. Wishing you both many years of happiness and love! XOXO, Kristine


Wedding Venue: Seattle Municipal Court

Bridal Salon: David's Bridal

Menswear: Banana Republic

Bridal Hair: Swink Style Bar

Bridal Makeup: Swink Style Bar

Wedding Rings: Zales

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