It was a typical busy day. Hair a mess, work clothes on and two toddlers holding onto Tanya as they went into Trampoline Zone. It was an ordinary day, and certainly not a day or place she thought to meet the man of her dreams. In the corner of her eye, Tanya spotted a handsome young guy, who happened to be an employee at Trampoline Zone. The two caught eye to eye every once in a while, but Tanya didn't think much of it. A while later, Tanya went to the counter to get snacks...which she couldn't decided if she wanted goldfish or chips ahoy. After making her decision, suddenly Tanya looked up and realized that the 'handsome young guy' was the one ringing her up at the register. This handsome young guy, who's name is Kenneth, politely applauded Tanya on her choice of snack and they parted ways. Time went by, Tanya got the toddlers and was getting ready to leave. Kenneth walked over and handed Layla, Tanya's daughter, a free pass to come back again. "YES!" thought Tanya. A short hour later, Tanya's phone buzzed and noticed that Kenneth had requested to be her 'friend' on Facebook. "I had never been so excited about social media in my life!" said Tanya.

After a few short months of getting to know each other, Kenneth and tanya along with their friends and family, knew they were ment to be. It was Valentines day, and they headed out to lunch with Tanya's parents. Tanya's father secretly gave Kenneth Tanya's mothers old wedding ring which he knew is so dear to Tanya's heart. Later that day, as soon as they got to Tanya's house, Kenneth dropped down on one knee and asked if Tanya would be his wife. She was shocked but oh so excited and without hesitation she said YES...and so their love continued to grow.

On September 24, 2016, close family and friends gathered at Hovander Park to witness God unite Kenneth and Tanya. It was a perfect cloudy day as Tanya slipped into her beautiful white gown and headed out the door to marry the love of her life. The music began, everyone arose on their feet and Tanya's father walked his daughter down to her forever after. The joy and tears rolling down Kenneth's face were only a sign of how much he loved Tanya and couldn't wait to start their lives together. It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter and dancing. I am so honored to have photographed this beautiful day.

Thank you Kenneth & Tanya for allowing me to document your first day as husband and wife! What a beautiful and magical day it was - wishing you both many blessings from above!

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