Meet the Klykov family! It was an honor to photograph this family, because their talented family photographer is out of the county at the moment. Originally when planning this session, they had wanted to do a private mini session, which usually is around 20-30min. I LOVE mini sessions, because they are quick and a total blast. However, sometimes mini sessions don't quite go as 'mini' sessions:) This lovely session lasted an hour! Sweet little Ella wasn't feeling up to taking some photos. But you know what? I STILL ran around like a crazy chicken and managed to capture her beautiful smile, and her spunky little personality.  

After an attempt to do their session at Bellewood Acres, we had to leave and go to Hovander Park instead. I drove up to Bellewood Acres, and they said the orchard was closed for pictures - bummer! Oh well...I wasn't disappointed that we went to Hovander, I honestly love that park so much. I also think I say that in every blog post, haha! :)

Anyhow, sweet Ella is a happy and energetic 18 month old beauty! I loved how her white dress went so well with all the white dandelions on the field - gorgeous! Enjoy scrolling down the page and looking at these lovely photos, XOXO.

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