Meet the Kramer family! I love seeing families together, and Christmas has a beautiful way of making that happen. Life goes by too quickly and until we realize that, we won't realize how much we need to treasure time with family. A while ago someone once told me that stuck with me forever... while your so anxious about growing up, you forget that your parents are growing older too. Made me realize then how much more I want to slow time down. I think it's so wonderful with all the technology we have now a days to stop and be able to capture moments. Capturing the little moments, the smiles the giggles and the hugs. Sure things get hectic trying to gather everyone in one photo, making sure everyone is standing up straight, trying to get the kiddos to look AND smile at the camera, but it's all so worth it in the end. Nothing can replace the gift of memory in photographs.

Kramer family, thank you so so much for having me take your Christmas photos! It was so fun meeting each and every single one of you and being able to capture special moments that I hope you will treasure a lifetime. Merry Christmas and blessings to you in the new year!

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