Kyle and Nicola met when they were introduced to each other by Kyle's cousin and one of Nicola's close friends of 13 years. Kyle had just began his senior year at Western and Nicola just moved up to Bellingham as a transfer student. "I remember him as the tall, handsome blonde; and the shy, quiet guy of the group. I instantly noticed that there was this incredibly sweet quality about him. I could tell he was humble and kind," said Nicola. They started getting to know each other by talking at group gatherings and texting. Months went by and Kyle decided to ask Nicola out on their first date, Saturday brunch at Mount Bakery. There was a beautiful spark and Kyle and Nicola quickly became each other’s best friends, other halves, and adventure buddies. From exploring the hidden gems of Bellingham, to mountainous hiking trails throughout Washington, to hopping on planes and taking long road trips to new places throughout the the United States. Kyle and Nicola will be tying the knot on May 26, 2018 and continuing their adventures together! 

You guys these two are seriously amazing. Their love is so real and so genuine. They handle each-other with so much love, care and never without a smile. Kyle and Nicola, thank you for having me document these precious moments! Wishing you both blessings as you continue to prepare for your special day!

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