Meet the Laughlin family! Oh where do I begin?! I'll start by saying I WISH that I could control the weather sometimes, haha! Seriously though! We had to cancel their first 'scheduled' session because it was raining...rescheduled to what we thought would be a clear day, but of course rain decided to join in on us. If you look closely, in some of the photos you can actually see how hard it was raining. We started our session with tiny droplets of rain, and finished our session running back to our cars, wet. I wasn't worried about me or my camera, I was worried about the littles getting wet! What surprised me was, they didn't complain not once that they were getting wet. Wow, if it were my girls they'd be looking for a place to hide!

Thank you Laughlin family for coming out and being so awesome. You were so much fun, all smiles and all laughter - even when we all got nearly soaked! Wishing your family many more blessings and happy fall! 

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