Meet the Laughlin family! Your probably thinking 'hey didn't we see their family post up not long ago?!" That's cause you did! :) Remember that one session that it poured rain?! Well, it was theirs. So! We re-shot their session on a clear day, catching a bit of that late fall sunset in the background. It was so fun seeing this adorable family again, and of course the two little cuties. Seriously, when people say a childs laugh is contagious, it's so true - I couldn't help but giggle alongside with these little giggle-machines the entire evening! 

I sent off this gallery and got the sweetest message from the mom, "We love love love these photos!! Thank you so much for taking the time to come out with us again! I just showed the kids the photos this morning and they both excited to see themselves and then asked why you were not in them 😄 They really like you and you made it so fun for them! Thank you!"

See how much kids love me?! They even wonder I wasn't in their family photos - haha!! Just joking, but on a serious note, ah you guys, THAT not only made me laugh but smile real big!! I love what I do, so beyond blessed. Really. 

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