Meet Lockryn! Sweet little guy is just 5 days old and slept through his entire photo session like a champ - woo hoo! I don't photograph newborns often, and I certainly am not a professional at newborn photography. There are SO many talented newborn photographers out there and I value them so much. Newborn photography takes SO much patience and lots of time. Did you know a newborn session on average takes about 3 hours? Lots of feeding, changing, cuddling, posing and soothing the baby. Though I don't do newborn photography often, I'm so thankful to my wonderful clients who reach out to me to take their baby's photos - even when I tell them, there's other photographers out there that are SO much better than me - thank you!:) Thank you to all the families who believe in me, you guys are so awesome.

Lockryn's mama had a wonderful pregnancy belly cast done - wow, how I wish I would have done this with my pregnancy! It was so neat to be able to place Lockryn in the belly cast and to be able to imagine how he laid inside of his mama's womb for nine months. Thank you Whitaker family for bringing your bundle of joy over for a fun newborn session! Blessings!

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