They fell in love. When or how is all a beautiful blur. Manuel and Marla met when they were just 19 and 21, spending most of their date nights going to the movies, laughing and simply enjoying each others presence. Years passed and their love grew only stronger! Manuel had just completed his college degree after working at it and persevering for years, when he knew this was the right time to ask Marla one very important question. There was a big graduation party for Manuel, in which all of his family and many of their close friends were invited to. Marla had no idea that he had already told everyone who was coming to their house that day, that Manuel was going to propose! But that wasn’t all Manuel had been planning. Manuel had even reached out to Marla’s best girlfriends to make sure they would all be there, her parents who were in Mexico to see if they could catch an earlier flight back, and even Marla’s brother who was in Japan. Manuel knew how important this would be for Marla! When Manuel’s best friend, Carissa, gathered everyone together in the yard to give speeches, Marla went along telling everyone how proud she was of him, having no idea what was going to happen shortly! After his friends speech, it was Manuel’s turn and he lovingly talked about a few very important people in his life who shaped him to be who he is today. As Manuel turned to Marla, he got down on one knee with tears rolling down his face, he spoke from his heart… Manuel told Marla life without her would be incomplete. With equal amounts of tears running down Marla’s face, she happily said, YES to being Manuel’s bride! “It was one of the funnest summer celebrations we have ever had, dancing under the twinkle lights as we celebrated our love with our closest friends and family,” said Marla.

I met Marla through one of my amazing loyal clients, and gosh I’m so happy I did. I was down in Seattle in the Fall, we met up at Starbucks grabbed some coffee and we chatted for almost two hours! And it wasn’t just chatting over the contract and details about the wedding, but life in general. I had such a fun afternoon with her that day, what a loving, caring and simple lady she is. I loved Marla from the moment I met her, and I knew her fiancé, Manual would be just as amazing as her. I’m so thrilled to be photographing their gorgeous wedding this upcoming Fall in Seattle, it is going to be amazing. Eeek! Planning their engagement session, we had rescheduled a few times due to bad weather and on the day we ended up doing their photos, the forecast quickly changed from ‘sunshine’ to ‘rain’. Not all of my clients are willing to photograph in the rain. Which I completely understand! But Manuel and Marla? They messaged me saying, ‘let’s risk it!” And so we did. I loved the ‘moody’ weather the PNW threw at us. The wind, light rain, cloudy skies and waves created a romantic atmosphere for these love birds. Honestly, this engagement session turned out so romantic and beautiful.

Manuel and Marla, thank you for braving the ‘PNW’ weather and for driving all the way to Bellingham to get your photos taken by me! You two are amazing, and honestly I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much! Wishing you both many blessings as you prepare for your big day, and I am honored to document your love this Fall!

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