Meet the Marchenko family! This is my husbands sweet, sweet cousin's family! I love this little trio. They are always smiling, and I mean always smiling. Such happy and positive vibes, always! Though their precious little one is usually ALL smiles, Kat didn't feel like smiling for the camera much - haha! She stared at me with this super concerned look on her face the entire time! Maybe I jumped a little too much? Maybe my 'crazy' sounds were a bit too much? I'm telling you, Kat must of thought 'this lady is crazyyy' - haha! I don't blame her, I am a bit crazy.

Kat turned ONE and it's that first birthday that's always so special! It's always the one that you want to capture on camera, 'cause let me tell you, they grow SO fast. Our plans were to do the session in Bellingham, but since my husband and I were down in Seattle on a business trip, we had planned for a sunset session at Discovery Park. I love this park, but I was a bit disappointed how they closed off the parking lot at the bottom by the lighthouse. Which made getting down to the beach a bit more challenging for us, but we made it work. We chased the sun, played out on the beach all evening, Kat kept running away from us to keep playing in the sand...let me just say, it was a fun evening :))  

Thank you Marchenko family for trusting me, once again, in capturing yet another milestone in your family lives! You guys are the sweetest, and I feel so blessed to call you family. Wishing your family many more blessings from our heavenly Father!

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