Meet the Martin family! Oh I don't even know where to begin with this family. They were champs, is all I'm gonna start off saying! Seriously though. This day was SO cold, and the wind wouldn't stop not even for a minute. Luckily we got some color & sunshine in the background - which always makes me happy! While the twins slept for a bit, I started off the session with some photos of just mom & dad. I love capturing sweet moments of JUST mom and dad. Let's face it, how often do we get photos taken with our other half? Bit later we got the twins and that's when all the 'fun' began! 

These twins are so so adorable! Poor babies were cold being outside and confused after their nap... and I don't think I was helping the situation. Like always, I was jumping and yelling funky sounds JUST to get them to look at me and course, bonus points if they smile! Being a twin mama myself, makes my heart so happy when I run into other twin families or better yet when I get to photograph twin families! So this was a very special session for me. What a fun day it was.

Thank you Martin family for coming out to Smalls Northwest Evergreens tree farm and trusting me in capturing these precious moments. Blessings to your family and Merry Christ-mas!

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