Meet the McWilliams family! We had to reschedule this family's session more than once because of the rain storms we've been getting lately! When we finally had spotted a sunny day, I was a bit worried on how the photos would turn out since we had them scheduled out for so late in the day. But honestly, I LOVE how these turned out! The sunset behind the trees makes the sky seem like it's on fire - gorgeous!

Before the session, the mama had sent me an email and said, "I hope my 3 year old behaves, he's a bit stubborn!" When these kiddos arrived, they were the MOST smiliest kids ever! They giggled and smiled for me non-stop, seriously! They were so much fun. I loved their energy, and I absolutely ADORED how much these two brothers love each-other. I hope they stay best buds forever!

My favorite part was when I asked the boys to show me their muscles. They instantly put up those elbows high up in the air with the biggest smiles on their faces, it was SO cute! Sure made me laugh. I also enjoyed capturing these boys wrestling in the wet grass, it was as if the world just paused around them. They have each-other, a friend to giggle with, a friend to tell secrets, a friend who always got your back - what else do they need?!


"Kristine did a wonderful job on our family pictures. I was so nervous going

into it with a 3 year old who is very stubborn and only willing to do what he wants.

But when Kristine was around he was willing to smile whenever she said. We rescheduled

our shoot 3 times in order to get that perfect sunset picture and I couldn't be more

thankful then how flexible Kristine was! Highly recommend Kristine!" - Erica McWilliams

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