Mike and Deanna's love story began over four decades ago. When and where is all a blur. Mike was a little boy who followed Deanna around and the sight of her brought out special feelings, that he couldn't understand. Deanna was his first friend and his first love. Time went by, Mike & Deanna dated as teenagers, but unfortunately, life's obstacles eventually parted them. Mike however never lost feelings for Deanna. After searching for nearly 25 years, Mike came across a photo of a familiar face on Facebook, who's beautiful smile gave him butterfly's all over again. It was Deanna, and Mike's heart skipped a beat. Little did he know, Deanna had been searching for him as well.

Though they lived hundred of miles apart, love didn't keep them apart. On a gorgeously overcast day in Mount Vernon, Mike and Deanna married outside their home surrounded by stunning views of the water, nature, their children and mom. The most intimate wedding I've been to yet. The way Mike looks at Deanna, I wish for every girl to find a man who adores her with all his heart.

Thank you for the honor of documenting your first day as husband and wife. I wish you both many years of happiness, joy, and of course, unconditional love! Blessings to your beautiful family.


When we decided to get married, we were just going to elope. We’ve known each other since toddlers and just wanted the day to be about the two of us. However, we really wanted pictures of us with our family. We decided to just have my mom and our kids as guests and get married on the deck at our house. We researched and viewed many photographers and the quality of their pictures before contacting Kristine. We liked her immediately. She greeted us with a big smile and was so friendly and professional. She went through everything with us and made sure any questions we had were answered.

She showed up early and looked around to get insight on the best angles and shots for her to take. We are not creative and only had a few requests of pictures we wanted taken. We told Kristine she could take the lead and we’d follow. It’s one thing to really like the person taking the pictures, but we wouldn’t get to see them until we were back from our honeymoon. Wow! She totally exceeded our expectations and the pictures were so beautiful.

All we wanted was to have our special day memorialized with beautiful pictures and she did exactly that. Not only were we so happy with her professionalism and demeanor, we found out before her time was up, that she just received a call with a personal tragedy before she was to arrive at our house. She still showed up, never seemed rush, and always had a smile on her face. She is truly amazing.

Thank you, so much Kristine for giving us memories and pictures that will always make us proud. If we ever need a photographer or if anyone we know needs one, Kristine will be the one called.

Thank you so much, Mike and Deanna

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