Since summer rolled around, I kept reminding myself that this warm weather won't last long and I gotta get some photos of my girls! It's kinda funny really how I photograph everyone else professionally, but when it comes to my kiddos, I just get a ton of 'cell phone' photos of them! And I must say, photographing other children is SO much easier than photographing my own! haha! I don't know why! Maybe cause my girls don't take me seriously when I tell them to sit still and smile?! They are 18 months and ready to explore the world, not sit still mom...sheesh.

So I had envisioned a 'watermelon' session for a while now, and knew that my girls had to be the first ones I did it with. As always we went to Hovander (still remains my favorite park, haha) set up in the apple orchard and luckily, as always, the sun shined through beautifully. I had the camera and my husband was running, jumping, making funny sounds behind me - ANYTHING to get those girls to smile and sit still! Oh, and of course once we handed them that watermelon, they didn't want to get up and leave :)

If anyone is interested in a mini 'watermelon' session, shoot me a message! :)


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