Meet Naomi! Sweet little Naomi is only a week old here - super new, soft, peach fuzzy, quiet sleeping baby! I don't get to do much of newborn sessions, because I wish I had a studio where I can photography sweet babies. But, when this sweet family contacted me about Naomi's session, my brilliant husband had made a 'mini' studio right in our living room - it was awesome! I got lots of natural light and I couldn't be happier. 

Naomi's sister, Abigail, joined us for the first few minutes of the session. She was so so proud of her little baby sister. I loved watching how gentle she handled Naomi, and how gently she brushed her little hand against her face as she leaned in to kiss her. Such a beautiful scene! These two, surely will be besties for life.

This session took 3 hours, from start to finish. Lots of cuddling, rocking, soothing, feeding and changing the baby to get exactly the shots I had in mind. It was all worth it - cause seriously this little chunk is just too cute for words! Enjoy these photos and don't forget to comment down below! Blessings.

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