A sunny day in July, must I say, a very sunny and warm day in July :) The day when they tied the knot; Nate and Rachel, at the beautiful Samson Winery in Everson. Friends and family arrived to join them on this joyful day!

Nate and Rachel have been family friends ever since they were just children. Not to mention, mister Nate had been secretly falling in love with Rachel at the age of 7! Oh, so cute. I loved hearing their story how it blossomed into something so beautiful later in their lives, and how God brought two lives together.

The couple, Nate and Rachel, both nervous and excited, had their first look before the Ceremony. It was like they hadn't seen each other for weeks! So much love between these two. I loved watching and capturing every moment of it!

Thank you so much, Nate and Rachel, for the honor of documenting your love. Your family and friends made me feel so welcome and special. My husband and I, both felt like we family ourselves! :) Wishing you both many blessings from above, and God bless you both!

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