Meet the Odushkin sisters! We had planned for this session, several weeks in advance, and to be honest with you, I was really worried it was going to rain! The morning of the session, I woke up to sunshine - yay! Though it wasn't exactly sunny during the session, I was super thrilled it wasn't raining. It was early in the afternoon, and we met at Lynden Dutch Bakery. If you haven't been to Lynden Dutch Bakery, your seriously missing out! Their scones are AMAZING, sandwiches are to die for, oh and they have yummy coffee too:) Check it out sometime!

I enjoyed how relaxed and how simple this session was. We laughed so hard over the dumbest things, that my stomach hurt, haha! It was lots of girl talk about shoes, nails, shopping, and more:) We walked through Lynden downtown and window shopped. I must say, it was a fun and well spent Saturday, loved it!

Thank you, Maria, Yelena, and Anna for having me capture these fun and sweet memories! I hope the three of you continue to laugh over silly things and share that sisterly bond for years to come! Blessings to you all! XOX

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