Meet the Pheifer family! Can I just start off by saying how sweet these two are? Honestly, they are complete 'relationship goals' in so many ways! Paul and Rhonda will be celebrating 32 years this year, and their love only continues to grow! It's so rare nowadays to come across a couple who has been married over 30 years and still know how to make each other laugh. Such a beautiful thing!

When planning sessions, I have a few parks that I recommend photographing at. We discussed our options, but Paul and Rhonda wanted these memories to be captured on their home property. I love how personal these photos turned out to be for them! These are memories, memories that their grandkids will grow up and remember forever! Paul and Rhonda, thank you so much for having me come out and capture so many sweet moments. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love! Blessings!

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