Meet the Pheifer and Vandermay families! These two families have been long time friends, raising their children together. The kids went to the same church, home school group, high school, and so on. The Pheifer and Vandermay families spend most of their holidays together and celebrate birthday months together. They are basically “best friend families”, how cool is that?! Makes me want to have a best friend family:)

Since the two families are SO close, the Pheifer family organized a sweet birthday party for Tracy Vandermay, where they wished to have some moments documented. We all hung outside in their beautiful backyard, capturing moments to look back on for years to come. I gotta say, this was probably the most funnest (if thats actually even a word!) group of people that I have ever got to photograph so far, I don’t remember the last time I smiled so much and laughed so hard! My cheeks seriously hurt from smiling so much all the way home! It was a good day indeed.

I would like to wish Tracy Vandermay a very lovely birthday! Hope it was all you wished for. Blessings!

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