Let me tell you, this family is so beautifully blessed with four boys. When this beautiful mama contacted me for some family photos - I couldn't be happier! We had a wonderful evening at Whatcom Falls. My favorite part from the session was observing how different and how unique each little guy is. They each have their own personality, and it was just fun to hang out with them and watch how they all love one another so much. Sure, this session wouldn't have been complete with a few brotherly hits, boo-boo's and a few owies, but we all left the park happy!

We started off taking photos on a beautiful trail - and I say beautiful because, I adored how the sunshine shined through the green forest. We then had a little tickle war on the blanket! It was funny because I had this grand idea, "hey! Let's tickle baby brother!" Everyone smiled expect for the little man, he didn't like it so much :) At the end of the session, the boys earned themselves some bubble wands - trust me they looked forward to these bubble wands the entire session! Gotta say, the bubble wands work every time. 

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