Meet the Pluschakov family! As I sit here and try to gather the right words to describe this family, the words 'so much fun' keep coming up! Seriously though. All the giggles, smiles, tickling and kisses all naturally came about - none of it was forced! And when this happens, you can feel the real emotions in the photos...forever. When Pluschakov family showed up for their session and I saw three boys jump out of the car, I thought to myself 'another sweet family with all boys!' Have you noticed that I tend to photograph families with all boys?! It's so funny cause I'm starting to see a pattern! But hey, I aint complaining, I love it. Boys are so energetic, competitive with one another and I've noticed boys are usually really comfortable in front of the camera! 

Pluschakov family, thank you so much for having me capture these sweet, fun and real moments of your family! As I was editing your photos, I kept telling my husband how I wanted to keep your boys, haha (not in a creepy way! haha!) - they are so beautiful!! Your greatly blessed, and wishing your family many more blessings from above! Looking forward to more family sessions in the future!

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