Meet the Ross family! So with all this crazy rain, I feel so bad for the families who had to reschedule their session several times! This beautiful family, being one of them. I appreciate all of my clients who are so appreciative and understanding that unfortunately, there is no "stop" button for the rain. Bummer! I'm also very thankful how flexible most of my clients have been! The Ross family, was so understanding, patient and flexible - thank you!

Though it was an overcast day, with some grey clouds over us, I like the "cold - wintery" look in these! After-all, it is December:) Can't say I don't miss the sunshine, BUT...I do like how these photos turned out. Sweet Serina and her husband, are expecting their first bundle of joy in just a few short months. I know he will be surrounded by SO much love!

When planning this session, Serina mentioned that they will be bringing along their dog! I LOVE when families bring their dogs, however, I never know how the session will go with a fur-ball running around:) But, this little guy, Roscoe, was SO SO photogenic!! He stood their as if HE was the center of attention, haha! Ok, ok, I did have to bark a couple times to have him look straight at me, while he was being distracted by whatever it was. It cracked me up how well behaved he was, and how much he LOVED being in front of the camera! Sweet puppy.

Thank you Ross family for placing your trust in me in capturing sweet moments of your little growing family! Wishing you many more blessings your way!

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