Meet Sam and Kelsey! I have so many things I wanna say about this engagement session! I'm going to start off by saying this didn't feel like a typical 'session' at all. It felt like these two were on date night at Larrabee State Park and I just so happened to be there capturing them from the side. Seriously though! Sam and Kelsey were SO natural and so real in front of the camera. I often times didn't even have to tell them how to stand, where to place their hands, when to kiss, it was all just so natural! It is sessions like these that turn out absolutely amazing. And it is sessions like these, that I can't help but deliver ALL the photos because every touch, every kiss and every giggle is just THAT cute. 

Thank you Sam and Kelsey for choosing me to document this stage in your lives! You two were clearly made for one another. Never stop holding hands, leaning in for that 'just cause' kiss and whispering in each other's ears just how much you love each other. Wishing you many, many more blessings!

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