Meet the Samoylenko family! In other words, this is my family...these people mean so much to me! I love watching families grow, and it's so fun seeing families return to me year after year to update their family photos. Sweet Zeke turned the big 'ol ONE, and he's the most happiest little boy I know! He's always smiling and always hungry for food, hehe:)) 

What was planned to be a 'sunset' session, PNW decided to bring the stormy weather instead. By looking at these photos you can just feel how cold it was that evening! It was very grey, cloudy, a bit windy and we even got some rain towards the end of the session. I don't often photograph in this kind of weather, but when I do I always ask myself "why don't I shoot more in the stormy weather?!" I love how clean the photos always turn out. There's no awkward shadows and no one is squinting from the sun...and I don't have to find some 'shade' to photograph in! Cloudy days really are nice!

Thank you my dear friends for asking me to take your family photos, and for treating us out to some yummy dinner afterwards! What a blessing you guys are in our lives.  

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