Meet Sam! Sweet little man is just 11 days old, and he really is a SWEET little man:) He never cried, not once during his session! It was actually really cute cause he was almost like growling when he didn't like being changed or positioned in a way - haha! With that said, can I just say how hard newborn photography really is?! I really value those photographers who specialize in newborn photography. A typical newborn session takes 3-4 hours, that's right, HOURS. Lots of feeding, changing, cuddling, waiting for baby to fall back asleep, and swaddling. I used to think newborn photography was the easiest 'type' of photography out there, boy was I wrong!

I feel honored when families ask me to photograph their newborns. Not only do I get to cuddle with a sweet tiny baby, but I also get to capture special moments that will be so dear to look back on in the future. Babies grow SO fast, capture every detail while you can - seriously! Though I may not be completely 'professional' at newborn photography, that's totally okay with me. Why? For me what's most important is that the family may leave my tiny-home-studio with a handful of photos of their precious newborn. My goal is to capture real moments. THIS is what's it all about, memories.

Thank you to all the families who trust me with their littles and reach out to me throughout the years! You guys are amazing and I treasure each and every single one of you! In conclusion, I wish baby Sam to grow loving God with all of his heart, and that he may grow to be a happy, joyful, Godly man. Blessings to you little one!

  • Alex Kuksenko

    on August 23, 2016

    Really great photos! Thank you for doing such an amazing job! #bestphotographers

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