Meet Sarah! With Valentine's day just a few short weeks away, the stores are flooding with cards, chocolate candy, and couples are in and out purchasing sweet gifts. I really wanted to do a "mini" valentines day photo-session. I envisioned something simple and sweet, and I got just that. I probably had the biggest grin on my face staring at all the images on my computer screen!

Sweet Sarah is my friends daughter. For some reason, she was the first girl that came to my mind with who I wanted to do a mini valentines day session! Yes, after looking at these images, I think you too will understand why I asked her to model for me. She is absolutely gorgeous! And not only is she gorgeous, but she is one of the most sweetest girls I've ever met. Sarah has such a beautiful heart.

We met at my favorite park, Hovander Homestead, of course:) I can't help but adore how beautifully the sun always shines through the trees. The golden light makes everything feel so magical, ahh! And in the midst of the golden sunshine, sits a little beauty in the most adorable pink dress ever. And her tights?! With the big pink hearts?! To die for.

Since it is the middle of January, it's a bit chilly out! Brave little Sarah did so good. We cuddled up in a blanket in between photos, keeping her warm - I think she liked that most! But I most loved the smile and look on her face when I asked her if she would like to blow on some glitter. "Yes!" she happily said with a smile on her face. Everything about this session was so simple and so beautiful. Thank you sweet Sarah for being my little model! Hugs & Kisses XOXO 

"Kristine thank you for doing such a wonderful photo shoot! You were amazing with

Sara (my 3 year old:) I was afraid she wouldn't smile but you got the best and the

prettiest out of her! The photos look wonderful!"

- Inna Kamilchu

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