Meet the Savchak family! Let me just start off saying, I felt so relaxed photographing this beautiful family. You know why? The kiddos were so well behaved, and not to mention, simply gorgeous!! I told the mama they can be my models ANY day, no joke. Whatcom Falls at this time of year, is so gorgeous. There are so many radiant colors throughout the park, and if you happen to come by at the right time, watch how beautifully the sun shines through from behind the trees (my favorite part!).

The time we spent at Whatcom Falls was so much fun, and I’m not just saying that! The kiddos chased around the ducks, we danced, we giggled, we tickled baby sister, and simply enjoyed ourselves! I loved to be behind the camera and just literally “snap away”. There were too many beautiful moments that had to be captured. Like when daddy danced with his daughter, little Veronica giggling away playing with a leaf, and the way the little mister hugged his mama with so much tenderness. A family is such a beautiful thing, and such a blessing from above.

Thank you Savchak family for trusting me in capturing sweet moments of your beautiful and blessed family! Blessings!

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