Sergey and March grew up not only in the same city but also spiritually in the same church. "Well, we were in youth together, and I was just a 13 year old girl who had her first crush," shared March. When all seemed just teenage fun, God had a special plan. A plan to bring them closer together. As friendship grew into like, and like grew into love, Sergey knew March was a God sent. On March 12th, which happens to be March's birthday, Sergey had planned a small getaway to Friday Harbor, just the two of them. When the moment was right Sergey asked March to be his wife...and so, their journey began.

They wanted a church party and a celebration of God's love, not a traditional wedding. On July 16, 2016, Sergey and March promised their love to each other, but, more so, promised to keep God the center of their lives now as one. Their marriage was to be celebrated, not demarcated by a list of things to do. No need for a huge bridal party, grand entrance, or cake cutting...their loved ones were the party and everyone was part of the grand entrance. The result? Love.

Warm, soft, overwhelming love, only made more beautiful by the pastel colored sky and the ocean view. Sergey and March, together they celebrated what it meant to be loved, wed, and officially married. It was eating delicious food, catching up with friends and family, enjoying one another's presence and praising God for His unfailing love.

Sergey and March, thank you for having us capture your beautiful and special day, it truly was magical. It was magical for so many reasons, but my favorite was for it being filled with so much sincere love for one another and your loved ones. Thank you for showing us a beautiful example of love, more so, resembling God's love. I wish you both many years of happiness, joy and love in Christ! Blessings!

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