I had the honor to photograph a truly remarkable wedding on Shaw Island. Shaw is the smallest island in the San Juan Islands with ferry service. When Shreve and Lizzie mentioned the island was small, in my mind I didn’t picture it to be THIS small! Funny thing is, my husband and I, just few months before the wedding, we thought it would be fun and nice to stay on the island! After searching and searching the web, we realized there are no hotels on this beautiful island:) And honestly? I LOVED that. If you haven’t yet been to Shaw, put it on your “go-to” list. It is so peaceful and so beautiful. I don’t even have words to describe how much I adored this little island. Lizzie grew up on Shaw.

Every year, her family and friends gather on the island for “Teddypalooza,” a weekend celebrating the memory of her brother, Teddy. Knowing how important her family and friends are to her, Shreve decided to propose on the weekend of Teddypalooza. The two of them went up to the island a day before everyone else to make sure the house was ready. That night, after cooking Lizzie’s favorite meal, Shreve suggested they catching the sunset on the water in the row boat. He had planned to get down on one knee in the boat, but finding the oarlocks missing they kayaked out instead. In need of a place to kneel, Shreve took them to a small island Lizzie used to play on when she was younger. He was eventually able to convince a reluctant Lizzie to get out of the boat. Somewhere between telling him stories about conquering land for Tedonia (her brother’s “country”) and attaching camera to mice to explore caves, Shreve got down on one knee. You know Lizzie’s response, though it may have been inaudible to Shreve through all of the elated squealing, laughing, and yes, maybe a few tears.

There are so many wonderful things that I can go on and on saying about this wedding, but I will point out just a few:) First off, when I first had met Shreve and Elizabeth, I adored them instantly and knew their wedding would be extra special. They are such genuine, kind-hearted, down to earth people. I love how Lizzie giggles at Shreve’s little jokes and I love the way Shreve smiles when he looks into Lizzie’s eyes. About a month before the wedding, we got together at Woods Coffee to discuss a few wedding details. Just as we were about to take a seat inside, Shreve noticed the wooden benches they have. His first comment was, “I’m so making these for the wedding.” And sure enough, he did!

This beautiful couple is so loved. Friends and family drove to Shaw Island from all over the place, to witness Shreve and Lizzie become one. Laughter and tears of joy filled this day. Thank you for having us be apart of your special and beautiful day! God bless you both as you begin your lives together and travel around Europe! Your living the dream.

Photographer: Wild Grass Photography

Florist: Flowers by Shamay (Anacortes)

Bridal Salon: Cicada (Seattle)

Hair: Katherine Logan from Marco Two Union Square (Seattle)

Cater: Taste of Elegance (Bellingham)

Wedding Rings: Lane Mitchell Jewelers (Local jeweler in Colorado Springs)

Menswear: Nordstrom

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